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Money Saving Tip For Home Sellers

Home Inspection Tip One way sellers can save is with a prelisting home inspection!

According to a recent article in Realtor Magazine, ” Home inspections have the power to send all parties back to the negotiation table. As such, some sellers are taking the precautionary step of having an inspection done before listing the home for sale.

Some real estate professionals say that having a home inspection prior to listing can offer several benefits to the seller.”

Getting a home inspection is not a guarantee, nor is it a warranty, but it sure does help provide a closer look and without a doubt a prelisting home inspection can provide peace of mind to both seller and buyer.  Identifying problems and eliminating potential obstacles will help to insure a smoother transaction and ultimately the results you’re after.

If you’re considering selling, The Gardner Team would be happy to discuss in detail how a home seller could benefit from a prelisting home inspection, in addition to other money and time saving ways to maximize the sales price of your home in today’s market!

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Sherwood, #5 Best Places to Live in America

The Best Places to Live, America’s Best Small Towns was released today by CNNMoney.  Among the top 10, our very own Sherwood, Oregon came in at #5!  Takes a village, way to go Sherwood!

Take a virtual visit and see a glimpse at what Sherwood, Oregon has to offer

YouTube Preview Image


Part of the article by Sarah Max reads:

Top 50 rank: 5
Population: 18,736

There are plenty of reasons to love this small town just outside Portland — quaint historic downtown, top-ranked schools, relatively affordable home prices — but residents gush most about its proximity to fun stuff.

Just west of Sherwood is Willamette Valley wine country. Keep going and in less than two hours you’re on the Oregon Coast. Or travel 65 miles east to Mount Hood for skiing or hiking. Then there’s Portland, home to highly acclaimed restaurants, microbreweries, museums, theater, and more…


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What colors to paint your home and why…

Spring is in the air, and so is spring cleaning and change for many people.  Paint is one of the easiest updates you can give your home.  Changing the wall colors or adding an accent wall will not only change the look of a space in your home, but evoke feelings too.   Ever wonder about the psychology of color?  Here’s a great, easy to read infographic that explains what colors to paint your home and why.

For instance, painting your home office an attractive blue tone is known to make people more productive. It also makes people feel a sense of calmness and serenity.  If you’re going for tranquility, health and nature, green is your color. Green is often used in bedrooms.

You can energize your space by using the color yellow, often associated with Kitchens as it brightens the room and is know for it’s metabolic benefits.  Adding a yellow accent wall in the kitchen nook is a great way to add warmth, cheer and a pop of color.

Red is a color we most often see in homes and in some cases the color most suggested to home sellers to neutralize a bit when staging their home for sale. While beautiful, there’s something to be said for too much of a good thing. Red is a great accent color and can add depth to a room with an accent wall and decor that pops nicely.  You’ll notice many big chain restaurants use the color red because it encourages appetite.  Also a color of love, it is known to have a negative effect on people as well as red is associated in many ways with danger.

Lavender, not to be confused with the color purple, is a great color for calming and relaxation. It can also bled well with other natural colors and is welcoming in spaces such as a living room, home theater room or master bathroom. This color, in addition to golds, silver/grays, and black (when used sparingly) can enhance the feeling of sophistication and luxury.

Lighter is brighter, so to create the illusion of more space in a room – this is the direction to go!  Light beiges, warm yellows and off-whites are great choices for wall color and making a space look more impersonal. Also the most suggested direction of interior paint colors that help sell your home!  Remember, painting your home to live in and enjoy it, and painting your home to prepare it for sale can be in contrast of one another.  If you’re thinking of selling anytime soon, please keep it simple, neutral, warm, light and bright.


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